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Game on! Parkwood presses "Start" on a new Video Gaming Club

Homecoming banner made by members of the Video Gaming Club.

The Video Gaming Club is a newly founded club at Parkwood High School! Science teacher Trent Morgan sponsors the club which is "a club to promote camaraderie and teamwork through making positive relationships with the video gaming culture."

This club is not only for playing video games, but for making new friends and having fun. Some of the systems the club uses are: Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, and GameCube. The first game played in this club was Spyro, an all-time favorite among the members.

Shaun Allsopp, one of the club’s first members, stated, “The Video Gaming Club is a great way to come together and share some awesome games with everyone!” Currently there are twenty-five members in the club.  Many of the club's members are also members of the Anime Club, which allows for teamwork between the two clubs.

Two of the events the club has held so far this year are: the Super Smash Brothers Tournament and the introduction/demo of the new PS4. Jordain Muller commented, “The Video Gaming Club allows me to play co-op with my friends on some of my favorite video games.”

The Video Gaming Club at Parkwood is open to all students who enjoy playing video games and meets each week in room 403.

Written by: Abbey Diaz, 9th grade student
Edited by: Regina Snelson
Posted: Dec 09, 2013 by Regina Snelson

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