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Hemby Bridge students work to save misfit books

 Everyone knows the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, this is exactly what some students do when browsing for books in the media center. Hemby Bridge Elementary's Library Media Coordinator Susan Shikany says, “Even though we teach children how to preview books, they often make choices based on cover art or other superficial characteristics.” This results in many wonderful books sitting on shelves month after month without being enjoyed by readers. Instead of purging the bookcases of these unread treasures, Mrs. Shikany is giving them a last chance to be saved, by creating the Island of Misfit Books project.

Students in third, fourth and fifth grades are invited to check out these books, read them, write a short review, and to recommend whether the books should be saved or removed. When reviewers return the books and recommendations, they receive a small gift. However, the true gift is knowing they have participated in giving new life to some old friends. Fourth grade students Isabella Tufano and Hannah McIntyre spoke about the project, “It is sad that no one picks these books because the covers don’t look interesting. We hadn’t noticed a lot of these books before. Hopefully, lots of people will pick them and be able to read and enjoy them.”

Written by: Betsy Ziskind, AIG Teacher
Posted: Dec 11, 2013 by Benjamin Shealy

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