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Glasheen Awarded Bright Ideas Grant for Physics Kit

Carrie Stroud of the Union Power Cooperative surprises Kathy Glasheen with a check for $1996 for her Bright Ideas Grant.

UCPS High School Science Curriculum Coordinator, Kathy Glasheen, has been awarded a Bright Ideas Grant from the Union Power Cooperative. Ms. Glasheen works with science teachers across the county and uses Porter Ridge High School as her home base. The grant provides much-needed funds to purchase a Physics Technology Kit that will be shared by physics classes across the county. At Porter Ridge, the kit will be used by Ms. Sandra Fugate’s Physics classes. The grant is one of 16 awarded in Union County and the only grant to impact students across the county.

The Physics Technology Kit allows students to be engaged in investigations using handheld lab interface units. The units collect and display real-time data and allow students to collaborate electronically to analyze results.

The goals of the project are to increase students’ understanding of data collection and analysis, and to improve their abilities to work collaboratively with peers both face-to-face and through digital communications.

Glasheen emphasized that, “Ultimately, we want to increase students’ capacity to develop understanding of scientific concepts from lab experiences while exposing them to real-time data collection and analysis.”

The Physics Technology Kit is intended to fill a gap in our instructional technology equipment for our high school physics classes. Many of the current technology-related instructional devices for physics are cost prohibitive for each high school to make an individual purchase. Creating a kit to be shared across the county enables students to have access to the kind of technology used in
universities and industries, while making the most of funding resources.

The kit will be housed in the Ms. Glasheen’’s office here at Porter Ridge High School. The Physics teachers will simply email a request for the kit and the coordinator will transport it to the school for use. A system will be in place to check the kit in and out in order to maintain the equipment for long-term use by the teachers and students.

Union Power Cooperative, in conjunction with their statewide organization, North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation, is a proud sponsor of the Bright Ideas Educational Grant program. This program awards grants to support innovative, creative teaching initiatives that cannot be covered by traditional school funding. The grants are awarded for projects in any discipline and are intended to help teachers by acquiring needed materials, teaching units, and hands-on opportunities to enhance their students' learning experience.

Written by: April Dawkins & Kathy Glasheen
Posted: Dec 11, 2013 by April Dawkins

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