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Environmental students hear nuclear security speaker

Trent Morgan and his Earth and Environmental students pose for a picture before heading in to hear guest speaker, Joe Cirincione.

On Thursday, December 5th Science teacher Trent Morgan and eight Earth and Environmental Honors students attended a nuclear weapons conference featuring Joe Cirincione, the author of Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late and many other books/articles.

Cirincione spoke about how nuclear weapons are affecting the American people and the world around them and about how the United States should lower the number of weapons in the country’s arsenal to make a public example for other countries to follow.

When asked about the guest speaker's topic, Morgan commented, "Nuclear energy is a topic discussed in my class and I wanted my students to hear about global concerns and issues regarding safety from an expert, especially since the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan."  Freshman Earth Environmental student, Amelya Staiano, added, "It was really interesting and it opened my eyes about the conflict happening around the world."


Written by: Songia Wynn, 9th grade student
Edited by: Regina Snelson
Posted: Dec 11, 2013 by Regina Snelson

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