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Promoting reading and technology through book contests

Winners of the November "Thank Goodness For Good Books" Contest.

This year, to encourage reading, the Parkwood Media Center has hosted several book contests. The first of these book contests, the Teen Read Week challenge, was hosted in October. For this contest students were asked to enter their favorite book into a Google form on the Parkwood website.

The second contest, hosted in November, was “Thank Goodness for Good Books” where students were instructed to review books that are available in the Parkwood library. Using the online catalog, students could enter a star rating for books they had read and give a 1-2 sentence description.

The December book contest was “Get Cozy With a Good Book” where students were encouraged to fill out a Google form matching quotes from famous holiday children’s books and were also asked to enter their favorite childhood book.

The book contests have partnered the use of technology through the Chromebooks issued to students with the importance and enjoyment of reading. One book contest winner, senior Laurel Edge, stated, “I think it’s a good way to encourage people to get involved in reading that normally wouldn’t."

The Media Center is looking forward to the next book contest which will be hosted in February and will be called “For the Love of Reading.”  Students should check the Media Center page on the website at the beginning of February for entry details.

Written by: Kaelie Carter, 12th grade student
Edited by: Regina Snelson
Posted: Dec 11, 2013 by Regina Snelson

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