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Chromebook Parts and Repairs

With over 22,500 brand new Chromebooks deployed to students in grades 6-12 in the fall, it is vital that students maintain the condition of their device. Please be mindful that upon receipt of this Chromebook each student and parent signed an agreement in which they acknowledged the responsibilities associated with this device.

In the event that a student’s Chromebook becomes damaged and the administrators within the building determine that the damage is intentional, the student will then have to pay accordingly for the damages. In light of recent negotiations, Technology Services has been able to significantly reduce the cost of replacing a damaged Chromebook screen which will save a student’s family over $200.00. Please note that a damaged Chromebook, or one needing a new charger, will not be addressed until the required payment is received by the school.

Written by: Becky Swiger-Instructional Technology Facilitator
Posted: Dec 11, 2013 by Rebecca Swiger

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