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Real world math with a global perspective

Students scour newspapers for food ads for their math project.

The week of November 25th, 2013, the 6th grade math students of MRMS geared up for our traditional Thanksgiving holiday by participating in a festive in-class activity! Small groups and partners used grocery ads galore to come up with a realistic Thanksgiving menu that included appetizers, salads, side dishes, the main dish, and of course at least two decadent desserts!

They were given a budget that they had to stay within, including tax. This activity allowed the students to apply their knowledge of decimal computation, unit rates, and percents, along with common sense comparison-shopping in an exciting real-world application.

The English men and women who traveled to Plymouth Rock in order to escape religious persecution almost 400 years ago, and the Wampanoag Indians would more than likely be quite surprised to see that the first “Autumn Harvest” celebration that they are credited for, has lived on. The pilgrim’s brave journey, and the relationship they built with the Native Americans sparked the start of a beloved tradition that is embraced not only by our families, but also within the walls of our 21st century classrooms.

Written by: Brita Mann
Posted: Dec 12, 2013 by Brita Mann

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