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We are UCPS!


This County,
This UNION County.
From Piedmont to Marvin,
From Stallings to Prospect,
Our goals are the same.
Our focus has never been more clear: 
The Children of Union County!

We have carved a place on the National stage
by leading OUR State with
Rising Graduation rates,
Outstanding Athletics, 
Record Breaking Academics and
Teachers who understand what it means to teach.

It is about
Making "My size fits me" a reality
and a model for school districts across this nation.

It's because we won't settle for just being "good enough."
It's about being Good, about being Better, about being Best
And Never, never letting it rest
Until our Good is Better
And our Better is Best.

We are UCPS! 

Written by: Arthur Rogers, Visual Communications Coordinator
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 by Rob Jackson

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