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Whether the Weather

Students in Mrs. Rorie's class test their pinwheels.

Ms. Rorie’s second grade students are becoming meteorologists in Science.  They began by making a K-W-L Chart to list already known facts about the weather.  They listed topics we would like to learn more about. Their L will be filled out at the end of this unit.

The class made a diagram and listed the seasons. They added a drawing of an activity they like to do in each season. Also, students added a poem, Whether the Weather Be Fine, in our Science Journals.

Students' first experiment was using four of our senses, seeing, feeling, hearing, and smelling; during a walk outside. They discovered on this day we only needed three of our senses. They used seeing as we watched the leaves fall, the flag moving, shadows from the sun and trees with no leaves for the season. The students sense of feeling on this day showed the weather was cool outside but our inside was nice and warm. They heard the heater on indoors and leave falling. They could not smell anything, even outdoors.

The class is keeping a weather calendar for December in their Science Journal. Out of 12 days in December, there have been 4 sunny days, with 7 rainy or overcast days, and 1 foggy day. As scientist, students are enjoying making their hypothesis before they begin their experiments. Their first experiment was the weathers affect on bubbles indoor and outdoor. During our first experiment the weather outside was cool. The bubbles they blew out fell straight down to the sidewalk. Indoors, their bubbles floated upward and then popped.
Students are now studying about the Wind Scale. This is the different terms a meteorologist uses to describe the winds strength and movement. Their recent experiment was making their own pinwheels and taking them outdoors.  They realized the angle of the pinwheel affected its movement by the wind.

As all meteorologists do studnets are taking a holiday vacation for the next week. They will be traveling to Germany and four different countries in Africa to study how they celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays from Ms. Rorie and her students.

Written by: Frances Rorie, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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