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2nd graders on Discovery!

On November 18th, second grade students from Marshville went on a field trip to Discovery Place. Students started the trip on the Lynx, Charlotte’s light rail car system. This was an awesome experience for many of our students who have never ridden in anything other than a car or a bus. Students were able to experience an IMax movie called Flight of the Butterflies. An Imax movie is a type of movie where the screen surrounds the whole room you are in. It really makes you feel like part of it. The movie took 40 years to create and featured a detail account of the Monarch Butterfly migration.
Animal Grossology is a prime exhibit at Discovery Place. This exhibition is oozing with disgusting science and entertaining hands-on learning games. Animal Grossology introduces scientific concepts in ways that make kids giggle. This gives the kids a “fresh take on some of the disgusting things that animals do.” A few of the exhibits were “dookie lovers” and “slime munchers”. Students had a chance to have an up close look at some of nature’s disgusting functions. Fantastic Frogs was also a huge hit. Students were able to explore exhibits that ranged from the bones of the hairy toad to the world’s most poisonous frog. The field trip provided a chance for hands on learning as well as meeting the common core requirements.

Written by: Melissa Burkhalter, 2nd grade teacher
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 by Kerri Edwards

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