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Faculty/Staff and students are victorious

Faculty/Staff basketball team with their student coaches.

The day before Thanksgiving Break on Tuesday, November 26th, the faculty/staff and students at Parkwood High School battled it out on the court. This was the third annual Student-Faculty Game hosted by Student Council. Students and faculty/staff volunteered to show where the talent lies at Parkwood High.

The Student-Faculty Game resulted in a victory for both groups. After volunteering to play either volleyball or basketball in front of the student population, each team ended with a win. The students won the volleyball game and the basketball game ended with a faculty/staff victory.

The volleyball game was a win for the students. Senior Kevin Betsch, who played for the students, commented, "It was awesome to see the teacher's faces when they lost!" The Most Valuable Player for the faculty and staff in the game was Dyllon Thomas, who was disappointed with the outcome but had fun and said, “It was a great effort.”

The faculty/staff pulled off a win in the basketball game after the defeat in volleyball. Coach Kate Edwards, who played basketball for Wingate University, helped the faculty/staff win the game. She said, “We knew we had the win the whole time.” While senior Hannah Pressley, who played for the student team, thought a little differently: “It was funny to see all of the teachers TRY to play a sport, even though they won. I was just letting them relive their glory days.”

Student Council plans to continue the tradition of the student-faculty challenge each year before the Thanksgiving Break.

Written by: Leanna Pope, 11th grade Student Council member
Edited by: Regina Snelson
Posted: Dec 20, 2013 by Regina Snelson

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