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Rocky River designated UCPS International School

During a recent principal’s meeting Union County Schools were recognized for their globalization efforts for 2012-2013 school year. The staff got the news that our school (Rocky River) was awarded the designation in Union County as an International School for 2012-2013 at a staff meeting and we are excited and proud of this accomplishment.

In order to obtain this designation each school submitted a Live binder presentation showing their globalization efforts throughout the school year then a committee went through the rubric criteria and gave points which they then totaled up and schools were awarded designation for their globalization efforts throughout the year. International School is the highest award a school can obtain. You needed above 85 points for this category. Rocky River exceeded that total with an average of 96 points. These are the categories awarded throughout the county. We were a Global Partners School in 2011- 2012.
 UCPS International School 85+ points
 UCPS Global Partners School 60-84 points
 UCPS Global Affiliate School 45-59 points
 UCPS Goodwill Ambassadors School 35-44 points
 UCPS Global Education School 1-34 points

Throughout the county there were 19 elementary, middle and high schools in the International category. In the picture is our Globalization Committee with the plaque we received. For our hallway when you visit you will see this large banner.

As Rocky River students learned about cultures around the world and issues facing others they compared North Carolina with the focus countries of their grade level. The students grew in their knowledge of others and their traditions as they learned about their own. Through service projects they learned about empathy and helping others. Using 21st Century Technology and communication students and staff engaged with other schools and people across the globe through Skyping, blogging, emails and Google Docs. Listening and asking questions of speakers they learned about life in various countries such as Vietnam, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and Colombia, South America. Students and staff developed greater knowledge of traditions, cultures and issues around the world in our globalization efforts during 2012- 2013.

Written by: Brenda Todd
Posted: Dec 29, 2013 by Brenda Todd

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