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G-Hall Exhibit has mystical, Chinese inspiration

Just prior to our winter break, Art 1 studied the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Dragons and the Chinese New Year Celebration. The creatures, which have invaded “G” Hall were inspired by Chinese Dragons whose appearance is based upon many different animals.

Head – camel
Horns – deer or stag
Eyes – hare or a demon
ears – cow or bull
neck – snake or iguana
belly - frog or clam
scales – carp
claws – eagle
paws (feet) – tiger
teeth – canine teeth in its upper jaw

Each of these animals has symbolic meaning. The Dragon itself is a symbol of China and considered to be a “protective guardian” of the Chinese people.

Students were asked to create their own “Mystical Creatures.” Each creature should be a composite of at least 5 different animals. The description should explain the symbolic meaning of the creature and its mystical powers.

Students included, but were not limited to, the animals of the Chinese zodiac when creating the personality of their Original Mystical Creature.

Chinese New Year begins January 30, 2014.

Written by: Meryl Baumgarten, Art teacher
Posted: Jan 05, 2014 by Lisa Justice

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