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First Grade’s “Holidays Around the World”

Shiloh's 1st graders experience “Holidays around the world- Navidad Alrededor del Mundo”

The winter holiday season became a major, sweet, and relevant excuse to introduce our Shiloh First Graders to the amazing concepts of geography, culture, and traditions.

With the activity “Holidays around the world- Navidad Alrededor del Mundo” we managed to teach our kids that we live in a multicultural world in which the differences in races, thoughts, traditions, and location make us special and unique as human beings that belong to the same world.

Our travelers absolutely enjoyed this activity. They used their didactic passports, tickets, and their wide imaginations to visit different continents and countries. They learned how wonderful legends and traditions have been taught generation by generation. Shiloh’s First Graders made typical ornaments used around the world as souvenirs that they will hang in their memories of this amazing travel. Now they are not only able to explain that the poinsettia, the Old Befana, and fireworks are representative characters in most of the cultures, but they are also ready to locate specific places by using the globe. This was truly a global learning experience for our students!

Written by: First Grade Team
Posted: Jan 06, 2014 by Mark Greene

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