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Middle School Model Teacher Program off and running

Model teachers for science and math tour the City of Monroe water treatment plant.

Middle School math and science teachers recently visited the City of Monroe’s Water Treatment Facility.

The experience was a part of the model teacher program that was developed by Union County Public Schools.

The overall goal of this professional development program is to build capacity with teachers throughout the county in many different disciplines and technology.

Each teacher selected for the program receives five days of intensive training, which not only focuses on standards, but also allows for teacher interaction among different organizations and locations across the county.

“There are many free county resources that can be utilized in our county,” said Director of Middle School Education Dr. Laurel Healy. “Teachers benefit by seeing how and what these resources can do for our kids.”

Teachers will explore places like Cane Creek, Museum of the Waxhaws, Union County Public Library as well as the Ag Center just to name a few.

During the visit to the wastewater treatment facility, supervisor Kyle Ketchum led teachers on a guided tour of the facility.

Eighth-grade students learn the ins and outs of wastewater treatment during their science class. This experience is a perfect example of how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education works in the classroom.

Throughout the training, teachers will have a chance to also see others teachers’ classrooms through learning walks. Research shows that seeing other professionals in practice can be a very beneficial way to be reflective about one’s own practice.

During the learning walks teachers are seeing how other teachers are implementing new curriculum standards, using technology as well as differentiating for different level of learners.

“We are excited to see the data on how effective this program is for our teachers and to see changes that may occur because of the program,” added Dr. Healy.

Written by: Mandy Stegall
Posted: Jan 07, 2014 by Mandy Stegall

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