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The Race to Drive Off Hunger

     During December the second grade collected canned food to give to Loaves and Fishes. All together Mrs. Kramb, Ms. Hendley, Ms. Lewis, Mrs. Helms, and Ms. McMackin's classes collected about 500 cans. That is a lot of cans!
     December 10th through the 20th were very busy days. All the kids brought in food and lined them up in the hallway. We were going to see if we could make it to the end of the hallway, but we did not quite get there. It was still lots of food.
     We got to give the food to people who needed it for Christmas. This was a way for us to share. If we hadn’t done the food drive then the people we helped would still be hungry. Santa gives presents to make people happy. We helped by giving food so other people would be happy and not hungry.

Article written by: Emerson Humphrey, Stallings Second Grade student


Written by: Kelly Reeder
Posted: Jan 09, 2014 by Kelly Reeder

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