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Get a Clue: A Modern Adaptation of 'Othello'

Mrs. Sammons' 2nd Period English II Class


After reading the play Othello by William Shakespeare, Mrs. Sammons’ 2nd Period English II class partnered with Mr. Vivian’s Film Production class to produce a brief movie trailer based on the play, which highlighted some of the major scenes.

The first task was to agree on a theme that would help shape the dialogue, setting, and costumes of actors in the trailer. “As a class, we voted on the theme. Everyone got to suggest different ideas, and we all chose which one we thought would be the best to incorporate with the play,” sophomore Abby Wilson said. It was decided to base the trailer on the popular board game and movie Clue. Clue, being a murder mystery taking place in 1985, led to the Othello trailer to become a more modern version of Othello.

The class elected a director, Abby Wilson and co-director, Nick Celis, who appointed seven actors/actresses, a Google site operator and a minute keeper, and costume, music, prop, and script committees. The actors and actresses memorized the lines that the script writers had composed, while the costume committee sketched costume ideas based on theClue characters. Suitable music was found by the music committee, and the director and co-director supervised every group.

The purpose of the project was to help students further understand the conflicts of the play by giving them the chance to connect with the characters by playing their part, designing their costume or even recreating their surroundings. “Being able to act through the position of Cassio has helped me better understand what the play was about and understand the characters motives,” said sophomore Devin Thorpe.

Not only did the project teach students more about the play, it also taught the importance of working together and being responsible. Life lessons were learned in the making of this trailer. “This project not only taught me a lot more about Othello, but being the director also taught me how to handle big responsibilities and how to work efficiently with my classmates,” Abby Wilson said.

After many days of preparation and two class periods of filming, all of the students’ combined efforts produced a modernized movie trailer of Othello.

 Click here to view Othello movie trailer. 

Written by: Kristina Teutonico, Sophomore
Posted: Jan 10, 2014 by Carrie Mabry

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