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Fifth graders provide feedback after school fundraiser

Students in Mrs. Stuka's fifth grade class present their ideas following the school's most recent fund raiser.

After the final days of the Boosterthon Drive at Waxhaw Elementary held in October, Mrs.Stuka’s fifth grade class did slideshows for Andrew, a.k.a. Slam-Dunk-Drew, (from the Boosterthon team).  We wanted to show what we liked about the Boosterthon program, what they could do to improve, and how much fun we had. From building team pride to prizes, we all had things to say.  The ways we set up the slideshows were all different. We used bullets, plus-delta, paragraphs, and just simple sentences. They were all different ways of presenting good information. These slideshows gave valuable feedback to Andrew and the Boosterthon team. Andrew took notes on the slideshows  to show at his district meeting.

After the presentation, Andrew explained to us why they did some of the things they did. For example, the reason we ran in the bus lot instead of the grass. The answer was simply space.

Three of Mrs.Stuka’s fifth grade girls, Rachelle Benitez-DeVilbiss, Carter Tobin, and Katelyn Groome,  presented some of the information at the PTO board meeting to let them know the students' perspective about the Boosterthon program.

Mrs.Stuka’s fifth grade class had great fun making and presenting these slideshows on google docs for the Boosterthon team.

                       BOOSTER OUT!!!!!!

Written by: Rachelle Benitez-DeVilbiss and Katelyn Groome, Fifth Grade Students
Posted: Jan 12, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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