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First Graders and Schnee!

Mrs. Hasty's First Graders

 Students in Mrs. Debra Hasty’s first grade class are able to tell you the meaning of schnee! They are expanding their German vocabulary as they learn about Germany. Schnee, schneeflocken and schneemann – snow, snowflakes, and snowman are now very familiar words to these first graders. They are enthusiastic about their knowledge and willing to share!

Mrs. Hasty’s class is gaining a lot of knowledge about Germany this year. Their study of Germany includes maps, customs and traditions, fairy tales, as well as different foods from Germany. The students have also been given stamps from Germany and have just recently sent a letter thanking the donor for the stamps. Their global studies are widening their horizons as well as their knowledge!

Written by: Carol Blackwelder
Posted: Jan 13, 2014 by Carol Blackwelder

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