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Flat Stanley Goes to Buckingham Palace

Recently second grade students at Rocky River learned all about Flat Stanley and his adventures. Stanley has many adventures in the story when he gets to do many things he couldn’t do before like traveling through the mail. The students enjoy hearing all about them.

The second grade teachers shared the Flat Stanley book with their students and they learned about letter writing during their literacy block. Then they prepared letters to be sent to friends and family. They learned about the parts of a friendly letter. Flat friends went off through the mail to visit many states and some countries. One lucky student, Star from Mrs. Harlow’s class decided that she would send her Flat Stanley to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elizabeth. The class had already heard a lot about England from their teacher so they were excited to have the opportunity to connect with England during the Flat Stanley project. Star got her Flat Stanley and letter ready for his traveling adventure to Europe by mail.

Upon his arrival in London he saw Big Ben, double decker buses, Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, London Tower and the London Eye (like a ferries wheel- tallest in the world). He toured Buckingham Palace and gardens where he saw the Royal Guard and many rooms and the gardens.

Shortly he returned to Rocky River in another envelope with a letter from Buckingham Palace for Star and her classmates. The students were so excited they couldn’t believe that one of their Flat Stanley’s had gone to see Queen Elizabeth. Stanley also brought some leaflets telling about the Queen’s Early Life, her working day, her pets and about Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth did not go to school but was educated at home by private teachers who taught her and her sister languages, history, law, music and drama. When she was 10 her father became King. She has been Queen now for 60 years. She loves horses and dogs Stanley discovered. Stanley enjoyed his London adventure immensely. 

Written by: Brenda Todd
Posted: Jan 14, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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