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Fifth Grade Science with a Global Flair!

 Recently, fifth grade has been integrating science with global education. For Fifth grade Common Core, 5.W.1 states that students must understand weather patterns and phenomena, making connections to the weather in a particular place and time. More specifically, students must know that in different latitudes and hemispheres there are different (and sometimes opposite) seasonal weather patterns. In order to meet this objective, we chose to first look at local weather in Charlotte. Next, we identified global weather patterns that affect weather.

As a team, we analyzed and recorded weather data for Charlotte compared to Auckland, New Zealand. By the end of the week, students noticed that not only was the time different in NZ (they are a day ahead), but that the seasons and weather is too. We also discussed and modeled the fact that the seasons vary according to the hemisphere one lives in. Such is the case in New Zealand compared to Charlotte. Miss Christians, our former VIF teacher, is trying to stay cool in January while we are trying to stay warm at Antioch Elementary.

Also in Fifth Grade, it is a weekly expectation for students to view a broadcast of CNN Student News. After viewing and discussing each broadcast, teachers on the team then require students to respond to two topics from the broadcast. Students are encouraged to make personal connections and explain opinions.

Teachers also make it a priority to tie in Common Core concepts taught in fifth grade. For example, after watching the broadcast on January 14th, students made connections to our Ecosystem unit in science. Students analyzed the recent chemical spill in West Virginia and determined the possible affects to the ecosystems affected.

Written by: Amber Reep, with photos courtesy of Henry McGee, Fifth Grade Teachers
Posted: Jan 14, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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