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Rising to the Challenge

Over Winter Break, Mrs. Bostwick issued a reading challenge to all of her students and asked them to read some of the 17 days they were on break. 85% of her students made the choice to read at least 300 minutes. 11 of her 13 students read almost 10,000 minutes over their winter break!

Her students really rose to the challenge as some cute pictures of her students reading were turned in after the return to school on January 6th.

Mrs. Bostwick did not give students a reading log, instead they had a mug with marshmallows that said “read by the fireplace” or “read to your pet”. Every time students read, they could put a marshmallow on their mug.

Students who read at least 30 minutes--just 30 minutes a day which is what they would have been asked to do had they been in school during that time period, would have a hot chocolate reading party. Students who read 500 minutes earned a doughnut, 700 minutes was a free homework pass, and students who 1000 (about 17 hours, just an hour a day) or more minutes earned a free book!

After reviewing mean, median, mode, range, and different types of graphs, 5th graders were then asked to interpret the data from all of her classes. They worked together in small groups to create graphs and show the amount of incentives students earned as well as how many minutes individual students read.

They also graphed the data in a variety of ways.

Students learned that on average readers in her classes read 908 minutes (over the 17 day period). The range of minutes reading was 2,260 minutes. The median was 925 minutes and most students read 1020 minutes.

On Friday, January 10th, students celebrated their impressive reading achievement by having their hot chocolate party and wanted to do it again!

Mrs. Bostwick is extremely proud of all her students who gave their best and nothing less by reading over break!

Analyzing data


Analyzing data

 Reading challenge

 Reading challenge

Reading challenge



Reading challenge

Written by: Kristee Bostwick, AIG Teacher
Posted: Jan 16, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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