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History comes to life at Parkwood Middle School

Parkwood Middle School’s Media Center came alive with history on Friday, January 17th. Students from Ms. DePietro’s 8th Grade Advanced Drama class portrayed people from history, literature, and movies at the PWMS “Living Museum”.

Students researched their characters and developed monologues based on the defining characteristics of each person. Historical figures such as John F. Kennedy Jr., George Washington, and Neil Armstrong performed excerpts from speeches they made throughout history. Beloved movie characters, including the Cowardly Lion, James Bond, and Ironman recited a few of their most famous lines. Literary characters featured were Alice, from “Alice in Wonderland”, and Hermione Granger from the “Harry Potter” series.

Students began working on their character development and monologues back in December and finally had the chance to perform on Friday. 6th Grade Language Arts classes, as well as teachers and staff had the chance to wander through the museum throughout the day.

Despite the challenge of performing with an audience in such close proximity, the students were both focused and in character for the entirety of their performances. “It’s not easy to perform when people can make eye contact with you,” said Ms. DePietro, the Drama teacher. “I was very impressed by the students’ ability to be brave and stay in character.” Comments from other teachers were, “It was awesome!” and, “It gave me chill bumps!”

This will be an activity that will hopefully become a Parkwood Middle School tradition for years to come. The students and staff are already looking forward to next year’s museum. Who knows who will be on exhibit then?

Written by: Nicole Depietro, Drama teacher
Posted: Jan 17, 2014 by Lisa Chapman

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