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Parkwood's School Nurse makes sure no one is left out in the cold

School Nurse Jody Rutledge looks through coats that were donated for students in the Parkwood cluster.

“As a school nurse and a mother, it pained me to see kids waiting for the bus in 11 degree weather with no coat or jacket possibly because they didn’t have one to wear. Even if it was just 1 student that needed a coat I was willing to do whatever I needed to make that happen,” School Nurse Jody Rutledge commented while carrying bags of coats into her office.

The coat drive started with requests from a few teachers for help finding coats for students who needed them. Rutledge made a plea on Facebook to collect 12 coats based on those requests and before she knew it, she had coats coming in from all over the area.

Stores and businesses like MetLife Auto and Home, Sweet Repeats and The Athletic Barn donated coats as well.  Rutledge is currently sorting and distributing the coats to students here at Parkwood, at Parkwood Middle, at South Providence (Rutledge is the school nurse at South Providence as well as Parkwood.) and even to younger students at Prospect Elementary.

Rutledge says she would love to do another coat drive in the future because she has been able to help so many students.

Written by: Kaelie Carter, 12th grade student
Edited by: Regina Snelson
Posted: Jan 23, 2014 by Regina Snelson

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