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Grandparents' Breakfast 2014

Hannah Syfrett is joined by her grandparents Bill and Cheri DeGroot for Sun Valley Elementary’s 1st Annual Grandparent’s Breakfast 2014.

Sun Valley Elementary School has stepped out in a big way! Starting in January 2014, they will celebrate students’ grandparents or loved ones. Dr. Terri Cooper, principal, said, “Our goal is to celebrate our families by opening our doors to our community. All loved ones and grandparents are welcome.”

The school decided to celebrate after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday this year because many family members are still in town after the long weekend. King also openly embraced the importance of family in many of his speeches.

Grandparents from all around were in attendance. Kyle Benavides’s grandparents visit often from Scotland and are great supporters of Sun Valley Elementary (photo on front page). With their help and their daughter’s help, Liz, our school was able to participate in a Skype chat with the Birthplace of Robert Burns in celebration of Robert Burns Day on January 25.

The grandparents, loved ones, and students were entertained with I Like Wrinkles and Sweet Guava Jelly with the help of the school’s chorus directed by Rebecca Vickers, Sun Valley Elementary Music Teacher. Earlier, loved ones enjoyed a continental breakfast. Later, grandparents shared memorable school moments.

Any adult that is special in their child's life was welcome to attend. Hannah Embrey’s mom and grandfather, Charlie Bean from Monroe, were in attendance. Mr. Bean said, “It’s exciting to see my granddaughter grow up and getting smarter every day at Sun Valley. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to watch [Hannah] grow up.”

Patricia Schubert, Paul and Carly Massimino’s grandmother from Indian Trail, explained that this was her first time visiting Sun Valley Elementary School and, she was enjoying it very much. Carly and Paul’s other grandmother from Louise Massimino said, “We just moved down here from Wake Forest, and it’s great to be here for this event.”

Cameron and Chandler Salsbery’s dad, Shaun Salsbery, attended because his father could not attend due to prior obligations in Fayetteville, NC. Mr. Salsbery said, “I think it is a great opportunity for grandparents to connect with another generation and help them understand what is going in in the school system.”

The school is ecstatic to learn that over 500 grandparents and loved ones attended this event. Students were also elated and ready to learn after the event. Many continued to discuss who visited later as they were leaving school. Dwight Thompson, Assistant Principal, said, “It is exciting to see so many students find connections between school and home.”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Jan 24, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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