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Favorite Book Character Day

Students in Mrs. Valler’s 4th grade class participated in Book Character Day activities as a culminating event for their “Following Characters into Meaning” unit.  In this unit, students delved more deeply into a character’s internal world. Students were encouraged to envision “walking in a character’s shoes.”

They were challenged to identify characters’ traits and to make theories of these characters based on inferences and text evidence. Students also studied secondary characters and their impact on the main character’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

The unit of study also allowed for students to compare/contrast some of the different characters that they read about in their independent reading as well as characters from guided reading groups and interactive read-aloud books.

Students were asked to write a report describing their favorite character based on the strategies taught. They were able to share their reports, books and costumes with other students.  The class really enjoyed sharing with each other and “meeting new classmates” for the day!

book character day


Written by: Dawn Valler, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 24, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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