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Cereal Box Book Reports

Pictured here are Bailey R. and Adriana S. from Mrs. Harris' AIG Reading Class

Over the Winter break, students were assigned a novel, of their choice, on their level, to read. A wide variety of books were chosen from mystery to adventure to fantasy. Students were also asked to bring in a cereal box. When they returned, box in hand, their assignment was to make a cereal box look like it contained the book inside. They had to think of how the cereal companies market their product to make it attractive to consumers. They also had to think about the information that is provided on a cereal box and create labels that demonstrate similar information for their novels. Each box has a brightly illustrated front that is designed to attract, sides that tell “ingredients” such as setting, characters, and theme, and the back which has a summary or teaser to get people interested in the book. Students did a wonderful job putting all this information together to create thoughtful displays of which they are especially proud. 

Written by: Mrs. Kim Harris, BHESA AIG Teacher
Posted: Jan 26, 2014 by Beth Lanzy

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