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Jumpstart Your Morning!

Getting a "jumpstart" to the day!

 Most mornings we sleep as long as we can and maybe hit the snooze button a couple of times before getting up and coming to school. Well, guess what! While we are catching our last ZZZZs there are a few dedicated students who are waking up early to help our students at Porter Ridge Elementary School, PRES. Jumpstart is a program that we have at PRES for students who have difficulty completing homework. There a few students from each class in grades 3-5 who attend each day. Jumpstart is intended to be an intervention for children who do not understand the concepts that were taught in class well enough to do the homework independently. The students attempt to do the homework, but the tutors present in the morning can reinforce the strategies taught in the classroom and help the children grasp the concepts. This year we are fortunate to have members of Porter Ridge High School Honor Society that come over every morning, Tuesday – Friday from 7- 7:30 to tutor these students.

Ms. Chandler’s AIG students also volunteer as tutors during this time. Matt Turner, an officer of the National Honor Society at Porter Ridge High School got his group involved in this community service this year. According to his mom (a 4th grade teacher at PRES), Mrs. Turner, he felt like they needed to be to be doing some kind of tutoring. As a parent of teenagers myself, believe me, it is rare for these high school students to give up extra sleep to help our students understand math concepts or word study relationships or just listen to the kids read. There are 4 or 5 of us staff members that rotate as “bouncers”. I had the chance to ask one of our regular 4th grade attenders, Shane, what he liked about Jumpstart. He said “when I come here I can check my work to see if it’s right. If I don’t get it the helpers explain it to me. If I don’t get to finish my homework I can finish it. I come most of the time if I eat breakfast at my house then I can come.”

Jumpstart also benefits the helpers as well. Kylie, one of the 5th grade tutors said “Jumpstart does not only help the 3rd-5th graders who need help with work but it helps the tutors get their mind working and makes them think towards other’s work”. So, the next time you roll over and hit the snooze button, think about how some of our kids are getting a “jumpstart” to their day!

Written by: Mrs. Gerri Theirbach
Posted: Jan 28, 2014 by Angela Gaio

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