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Waxhaw students are treated to a wagon train of good nutrition

Students experienced the wagon train of good nutrition.

On Thursday, January 23, the Waxhaw Elementary cafeteria staff welcomed their “young-uns” back with “a wagon train of good nutrition,” as the trail boss, Mrs. Woolford, said. That day they served a feast that included:  Cattle Drive Corndogs, Chuck Wagon Pork Chopper on a Bun, Wagon Wheels Smiles, Gold Nugget Carrot Coins, Camp Fire Peaches, Sunset Oranges and a special treat for the cowhands who ate lunch that day.
They also decorated the whole lunch room with a covered wagon, western themed posters, and horse stalls, including two horses named Sadie and Harley.  There was also a kettle full of vegetarian beans.  They even added a Sheriff Woody doll for effect!  They proudly called the cafeteria, Fort Waxhaw.
A specific detail that was hard to miss was their costumes and how they talked. Some were dressed as sheriffs, others cowgirls and cowboys. While walking in I noticed something they said was “Howdy””. It was super fun for kids in all grades to see their cafeteria staff dressing up and morphing, or becoming their character. There was a high level of creativity.  Their costumes were out of this world! They were very realistic.  The kids loved it!
They did this because they like to think of new creative ideas to change the cafeteria from this to that every couple of months.  Just to change things up a bit. They decided to do something that represents Waxhaw. So they made it kind of like the older Waxhaw times. This was a great idea to make something that we can relate to. This was super fun and super neat. It was truly one of the best themes our own Waxhaw Elementary School has done!!

Written by: Kylee Weaver, Lily Hubatka, and Campbell Arthur, Fifth Grade Students
Posted: Jan 30, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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