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First graders go to Italy!

 First graders recently “toured” Italy through the in-school field trip World in our Backyard - Italy! Students learned how grape juice is made-by juice makers using their feet to stomp grapes in a huge barrel and how raisins are made-by leaving grapes out in the sun to dry up all the moisture. They also learned that the Tarantula spider is named after a small town called Taranto. Students also learned that instead of Santa Claus visiting children on Christmas in Italy, a witch who flies on a broom named Befana visits the children, bringing gifts to good children and charcoal to the naughty ones.

In addition, students were taught a traditional Tarantella dance! A long, long time ago in Italy, Italians believed that if a person were bit by a tarantula, they were to dance this traditional Tarantella dance to rid their body of the poison.
During the dance, girls wore a scarf on their heads and colorful aprons, while boys wore a vest with a sash tied around their waist. All the students got to shake a tambourine with colorful strings attached to it, shaking their instruments to a fast rhythm!

Learning about Italy was definitely a blast! The educators with World in our Backyard were wonderful and do such a fantastic job each time they visit our school. They always help educate our students about other cultures and their traditions, and the students welcome that knowledge!


Written by: Melanie Wilson, grade 1 teacher
Posted: Jan 31, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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