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Spanish Students Compare Cultures Through Skype

CHS Spanish students in Mrs. Stacie Thompson's classes Skype with Argentine students to compare cultures, schools, and interests.

Students in Mrs. Stacie Thompson’s Spanish I and II classes recently had the opportunity to Skype with high school students in Idiazábal, Provincia de Córdoba, República Argentina. The session took place as part of an ongoing collaboration between Mrs. Thompson and two teachers, Analia Fissore and Ayelen Soliani, from Idiazábal Argentina High School, that she learned about through Global Gateway. While speaking Spanish, the student e-pals compared and contrasted their high school life, food, cities, music, and even technology.

According to Mrs. Thompson, among the things the CHS students were interested to discover was that the students in Argentina are required to wear uniforms (uniformes.) They were also surprised to learn that most students in Argentina use Blackberries and not iPhones. Also, the Argentine students were very familiar with U.S. music but our students were not as familiar with theirs, and that the Argentine students seemed more comfortable with speaking English than our students with speaking Spanish, probably because they start learning it at an earlier age. Mrs. Thompson also noted that the time difference (they are two hours ahead of us) made skyping a bit tricky.

“The kids loved it! It really helped them realize that Spanish is not just learned in the classroom – there are people out there who really do speak Spanish!” said Mrs. Thompson. “I just kind of hid in the back of the classroom and let them sink or swim,” she smiled. “No one sank!”

The Skype experience gives students a chance to practice Spanish learned in the classroom in an authentic situation, raises global awareness, and provides a virtual field trip from the classroom. Mrs. Thompson plans to continue the collaboration during the spring semester.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Feb 03, 2014 by Paula White

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