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View from the Top: My Day as the Principal of Antioch Elementary

Hannah Alpern, a third-grade student, learns the ins and outs of running Antioch Elementary from Principal Karen Dillon.

Hi! My name is Hannah Alpern and I won a contest.  I got to be principal for the day with Mrs. Dillon on December 18, 2013. It was so fun but it was sort of a tough job.

First, I got to school and waited for Mrs. Dillon in the front office. I felt excited about the day ahead. Then, once she came in we went into her office and there was a present sitting on her desk from her “Secret Gator.” So we opened it and it was... a candle! Then Mrs. Dillon had a meeting so I got to help Mrs. Little at the front desk.

When Mrs. Dillon’s meeting was over, we delivered some stuffed animals to the special needs classes. Then we got a slice of carrot cake for a snack. Yum! Next, we visited classrooms. We saw lots of kids working, reading, doing math problems, and having their specials.

After the class visits, we went to the lunchroom to help out. It was busy and a little noisy. I was happy to join my class for recess after they ate, and played outside with my friends. We had lunch from Red Bowl with Mrs. Little, Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Campbell. That was fun! We visited some more classrooms and then the day was over.

That was the best day ever. It was an awesome feeling to be principal for the day. Now it is like everyone knows me. Thanks, Mrs. Dillon. You rock!

Written by: Hannah Alpern, Third Grade Student
Posted: Feb 03, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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