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Totally Rad: A Fresh Adaptation of 'Othello'

Mrs. Sammons' 1st Period Honors English II Class

Collaborating with Mr. Vivian's Film II Class, Mrs. Sammons' first period Honors English II students set out to make a movie trailer based off of William Shakespeare’s play, Othello. The idea was to create a trailer that made the play more relatable to the students and to help the students better understand the conflicts in Othello.

The honors students were split into groups that were chosen by the head director, Noah Corby, and co-director, Jessica Mrugalski.  Students were selected and placed in groups based on their skills. “As a director of this movie trailer, I have to make sure everyone does their parts of the play and that they do them right. Being a director and seeing the play being put together helped me better understand the play and helped me better understand the main messages in Othello,” said sophomore Noah Corby.

The theme of a 1980’s high school was chosen, and the committees set out to find props, music, and costumes that fit the theme. A website to help students communicate and upload final products was made, and the central theme of the 1980’s was displayed throughout the site.

As the actors practiced their lines, the directors, props committee, costume committee, and music committee worked hard to make the movie trailer the best it could be. The actors and actresses were then handed costumes with bright colors and patterns, "bloody daggers," and fishnet tights to help portray the theme and carry out the movie trailer.  “My role as Bianca helped me understand the conflicts she went through and helped me relate to the characters in the play. Making the movie trailer our own and personalizing it helped me understand the story behind the play because it was more relatable,” said sophomore Courtney Adams.

As the cameras were rolling, the students stood by to watch their hard work be made into a masterpiece. After all of the scenes were shot, Mr. Vivian’s class worked with the directors to edit the scenes in the trailer and add cool effects to perfect the trailer.  “The project was a fun way to learn about the play, and it really helped me to understand the themes portrayed throughout the play. I have learned many life lessons from Othello, and to see it all play out in front of me was really cool to see,” said sophomore Taylor McNally.

Now that the cameras stopped rolling, and the trailer is finished, everyone is ready to see the masterpiece in which the whole class collaborated. Many life lessons were learned, and all of the students are proud of their achievements - hoping for more projects like the one they accomplished to come their way again.

Click here to view Othello movie trailer.

Written by: Amanda Richardson, Sophomore
Posted: Feb 04, 2014 by Carrie Mabry

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