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Fifth Grade Researches Heritage Through Heritage Project

5th grade students research their Heritage Projects

In an effort to become more global citizens and learn through research, the Fifth Graders at Shiloh have been digging into their heritage to learn more about “who they are.” This project has been a great way to tie many learning objectives across curriculum and styles into one great learning opportunity. Students started the project early in January by selecting an extended family member to interview that was from another country or that could provide insight about how their ancestors came to America. They also asked other important, interesting information about that person. Once the interview was complete, the students then used that information to create a biography on that person. In addition to the interview and biography, the students have been responsible for gathering an oral history that has been passed down through their family and an authentic recipe of their heritage. They are currently working on creating a flag that represents each heritage of their background and related information, sharing five traditions their family has, and using their creativity to draw a heritage shield that represents their family/ancestral countries and family stories. There are more parts of this project forthcoming! We are very excited to see the final products in our very first Heritage Night later in February! Stay tuned…...

Written by: 5th Grade Team
Posted: Feb 06, 2014 by Mark Greene

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