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First Graders Raised $1,008 for Typhoon Relief

First grade classes celebrate the close of their "Winter Rescue" fundraiser.

  “Winter Workshop” took place on the First Grade Hall at Porter Ridge Elementary and the students joined forces to help raise funds for Typhoon Yolanda victims in the Philippines. The annual workshop is a Social Studies unit, teaching the basic economics principles of salaries, goods and services, needs and wants, and producing and consuming. Globalization and Mathematics studies are also integrated into the experience. Students “produced” handicrafts which represented each of the five adopted European countries in first grade. They set up shop in classrooms and hallways, and sold the items to staff and family members.
This year, the students experienced economics in a more tangible way, as they took the unit a step further, with the “Winter Rescue” project. After viewing news reports of the typhoon destruction, a goal of $700.00 was set to help support teams of volunteers who are presently providing food, water, and medical aid in the hardest hit city of Tacloban, Philippines. There were opportunities to discuss “needs and wants” with a different prospective, as students mapped the Philippines, and learned about TRUE needs. They embraced the opportunity to help with this charitable giving. A celebration took place as they did the math, and learned that they had surpassed their goal by raising $1,008 to help others!

Written by: Debra Hasty
Posted: Feb 06, 2014 by Angela Gaio

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