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Ms. Stefano's trip to Honduras

Weddington Elementary students are learning about various countries and global issues. Not only are Weddington Elementary students learning about those countries but a Weddington Elementary first grade teacher made a trip to donate almost 40 book bags filled with school supplies.

Honduras is a vibrant country, a tropical paradise attracting many tourists every year to its island, lush rainforest and picturesque mountains. The capital is Tegucigalpa; its official language is Spanish and a population of 7.9 million people.  Two weeks ago, Ms. Stefano’s family and the Feeley family visited this vibrant country!

Their first stop was a local school which they toured and spent a considerable amount of time with a first grade class. The school is one of two bilingual schools. Each day students starting in preschool are taught both English and Spanish. This type of education is very common in South and Central America.

After leaving the school, the group visited an orphanage and was able to give their book bags filled with school supplies to the orphans. While Ms. Stefano was visiting the orphanage, she Skype her Weddington Elementary first grade class with the help of Ms. Julie Madden.

“It was exciting because my class was able to see exactly where the school supplies were given!” says Ms. Stefano.

While touring the orphanage, Ms. Stefano noticed that the school supplies were definitely needed and much appreciated. Both families were able to spend quality time playing with the children by giving them affection and attention.

“I hope that this excursion to Honduras will turn into a long term relationship with the orphanage. I plan to teach my students how to email and write letters. I also plan to Skype the children in the future.” says Ms. Stefano.

Special thanks to all the first graders who gave their gently used book bags and supplies to these special children.  

Written by: Cynthia Stefano
Posted: Feb 06, 2014 by Stacie Davis

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