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Ni Hao! Greeting the Chinese New Year and Special Guests at Rea View

Mrs. Goode's fifth grade class has recently been learning more about the traditions of Chinese New Year. January 31 marked the beginning of the new year following the lunar calendar. Mrs. Goode's students worked in groups to research important aspects of the Chinese New Year and created a visual display to showcase their learning, complete with lanterns, images to represent the "year of the horse", and Chinese symbols. Students also worked to translate their own names into Chinese symbols and label their desks in both languages. Students involved in the research shared that they enjoyed learning about the Chinese written language, the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and that an interest has been sparked for them to study the Chinese language in the future. As a special addition to this study, a group of five Chinese high school students and their teacher visited Mrs. Goode's class and toured Rea View on Friday, February 7. These guests are from Marvin Ridge High School's sister school in Nanjing, China. Mrs. Goode's students posed good questions to the special visitors and presented them with a special collection of cards. The Chinese students in return signed an autograph sheet and wrote various quotes and sayings in Chinese for Mrs. Goode and her students as a keepsake.

Written by: Donna Cook
Posted: Feb 10, 2014 by Jill Sledd

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