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Linnen Speaks to Computer Programming Classes at Cuthbertson High School

Mike Linnen from Press Ganey Associates Inc. works with computer programming students in Ms. Asia Wright's classes.

 Computer Programming I students in Ms. Asia Wright’s classes received a visit from Mike Linnen from Press Ganey Associates Inc., during December. Press Ganey Associates is a business associated with healthcare organizations across the country that strives to improve the patient experience, which in some cases may involve the development of software programs. Linnen shared his experience with the computer science industry with three classes, having entered the field in 1980. In his career he has written numerous software programs including a system to read labels for food produce, a system to program the controls in the Strike Eagle Fighter Jet, and a program that will keep the scoring of each robot during Lego Robotics competition.

Ms. Wright explained that Mr. Linnen is one of her student’s fathers and once she learned about his profession the visit was arranged. Linnen provided valuable information about the computer science industry. He explained that the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has 20 sectors and that every one of those sectors uses software built by programmers.

As part of the visit, the student got the chance to build a home security system. Using Microsoft Visual Studio for the programming component, students were divided into groups and each group was responsible for a particular location in the home such as the front door or the back door, etc. Once each group completed their part of the project, they got a chance to see how each component worked together to create a full home alarm system.

Ms. Wright said, “This was a great hands-on activity which allowed students to apply critical thinking skills. They got a chance to see the many different options that the computer science industry has to offer. The students enjoyed every part of his presentation and were very tuned in to the information he provided about programming.”

The activity helped students understand that what they are learning applies to careers as well as real world situations. Ms. Wright and her classes would like to thank Mr. Linnen for his interesting and informative visit!

Written by: Asia Wright and Paula White
Posted: Feb 10, 2014 by Judy Davis

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