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The thoughtfulness of others impacts many

Throughout this school year, Poplin students have collected and sent in Box Top Labels for Education and Campbell Soup Labels for Education to help raise funds for the school. Poplin’s PTA then uses the funds from these collections to purchase supplies.

During the last collection on Friday, February 7, 2014, Will Langley, a fifth-grade student, had a special story to tell about his collection. Will’s grandmother, Dorrie Hasty, lives a couple of hours away from Indian Trail in Hickory, North Carolina. His grandmother’s bridge club collects and cuts out Box Tops for Education and Campbell Soup labels for Education during their meetings and many of the bridge club’s members contribute to the project.

Will’s grandmother put the labels in the mail on January 20, 2014 thinking she was sending them to Will’s school.  But the labels arrived at Porter Ridge Elementary instead. The labels made their way to the Media Coordinator, Carol Blackwelder, who noticed that Will attended Poplin and not Porter Ridge. Mrs. Blackwelder contacted Beth Medlin, Poplin’s Media Coordinator and sent the labels in the school’s courier to Mrs. Medlin. Mrs. Medlin received the labels and finally got them to Will. Will received the labels on Friday, February 7 which was the same day Poplin was having another label collection.

So far this year over $2,600 has been raised for Poplin by collecting labels. Melissa Roper, a Poplin PTA member who organizes the collections, said “These funds greatly impact Poplin as it allows us as the PTA to continue to put on fun programs for the kids and to purchase much needed supplies for school.”  The thoughtfulness of Will’s grandmother and her bridge club will be shared with many at Poplin Elementary School.


Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator
Posted: Feb 10, 2014 by Elizabeth Medlin

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