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Indian Trail After School Program teaches students about quilting

This "quilt," completed by third through fifth graders at Indian Trail After School Program, shows various patterns commonly used during the Civil War era.

Quilting isn’t as common as it used to be, but at the Indian Trail After School Program, students not only learned about this all-but lost art, but they also made a “quilt” of their own.

Third- through fifth-grade students in the program discussed quilting, the different types of patterns, and the pattern meanings.

“Their goal was to make individual art projects similar to a barn quilt,” said Nancy Adams, the Indian Trail ASP coordinator.

Two of the quilt patterns chosen by the students were Jacob’s Ladder and Civil War Soldiers Cot Quilt.

“Jacob’s Ladder quilt pattern were very common during the Civil War,” Adams said. “The pattern used for Jacob’s Ladder was of four patches laid out in strips which gave the idea of paths. The students learned that the Underground Railroad pattern evolved from this earlier pattern as well.”

The Civil War Soldiers Cot Quilt pattern came about from the need of bedding during the Civil War, Adams said, adding that these particular patterned quilts were about seven-feet long, and four- and one-half-feet wide.

“Not very many quilts survived the war, but the ones that are still around show the basic nine-patch pattern that was used and they were mostly woven stripes, checks and plaids,” she said.

ASP teacher, Kirsten Cooper, was asked to head up this project by doing the research on types of quilt patterns, and then each group picked their own pattern.

Cooper was also in charge of showing how to do the blocking of the patterns on the individual painting canvasses that each student had.

Each student later had their own individual canvas to take home. “A lot of time was spent on this project and when put all together, it was a beautiful mixed pattern “quilt” as shown by the pictures of the final production,” Adams said.

Written by: Nancy Adams, Program Coordinator, Indian Trail ASP
Posted: Feb 10, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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