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2nd Grade is Busy

Second graders are learning the role of the geographer by identifying absolute and relative locations.  We are interpreting maps, charts, and pictures of locations. 


We will also use geographic terms to describe landforms, bodies of water, weather, and climate, especially with the three regions of North Carolina.

In Writers' Workshop, we are full of opinions!  Students are learning writing strategies to express their opinions on books they've read.  They understand the importance of giving reasons for their opinions.


Math opens up new challenges with adding 3-digit numbers and 2-step story problems!  We are also using customary and metric units of measure to estimate and then measure to the actual length.  

Remember, we're going to the theatre on the 25th, so read lots of fairy tales, so students will have some background knowledge. 

2nd graders are hard at work


2nd grade is hard at work


2nd graders are working.

 2nd grade is fun.


Written by: WUES 2nd Grade Teachers
Posted: Feb 11, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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