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Fifth Graders Navigate Complex nonfiction Texts Through the Lens of History

Our current writing Unit is parallel to our informational reading unit and they blend so well together. Fifth Grade students have narrowed their research topics to the study of the Civil and Revolutionary Wars that aligns with our social studies Common Core essential standards.

During the first stage of this unit students are gathering information as a whole class by generating research questions.

In the next stage, fifth graders will work in small groups around their selected specific subtopic. Students will be taught that good historians generate burning questions to guide their research over multiple texts by using analytical thinking. They will read across texts to notice and evaluate information, point of view, and perspective.

Moreover, they will learn how to research a topic, determine important research questions, simplify and organize their notes, and narrow their focus in order to decide what information is important to present by writing a research thesis statement and present it to others in an essay format.

Students will learn that good historians do not just copy facts from books or the Internet but they analyze and speculate those facts through the lens of geography and timelines in mind.

In the final stage of this unit, students will be given the opportunity to teach and present others the new knowledge they have gained.

Their final essays will be displayed on the hallway at the end of the unit, so please come and take a peek.

We as Fifth Grade teachers are very proud of their hard work!

5th grade timeline


5th grade list of questions

Written by: Mrs. Athanasia Bennett, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 17, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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