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5th Grade Mobile Learning

 Recently our fifth graders learned about quadrilaterals and how they are all related to one another. Students learned that tricky line stating how squares are rectangles but rectangles are not squares. They also had to know that any four sided figure was a quadrilateral but that there were regular figures and irregular figures. Students learned that quadrilaterals were organized by their attributes and this was how they were related. One student compared the quadrilateral hierarchy to a family tree saying “Quadrilateral was the father and he had three sons; parallelogram, trapezoid, and kite.” Students related the hierarchy to what made sense to them. It was great to see how in the beginning it was hard for students to see how one figure was similar to another even though they didn’t look like each other, but that in the end they understood why and how shapes were related to one another. Students had to learn to look at a shape’s attributes instead of just looking at it and comparing it to another “saying well it looks like a rectangle”. Instead students were saying “It looks like a rectangle because it has congruent opposite sides and there are four 90 degree angles”. At the end of the unit students had to create their own quadrilateral hierarchy mobile showing how regular quadrilaterals were related to each other. Students had to precisely measure and draw each quadrilateral, then cut it and label what it was and what that shapes attributes were. This helped students solidify what they had learned about quadrilaterals when they had to draw their own. After all of their shapes were drawn they had to hang them correctly to create a quadrilateral hierarchy mobile. When students were finished we hung them up in the classroom so that students could look at their mobiles and see that even though not all of their quadrilaterals looked exactly the same they were still classified a certain shape. Students did a great job with their mobiles and it shows how much they learned.

Written by: Celena Johnson, 5th grade teacher
Posted: Feb 17, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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