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Parkwood Middle School Students Explore Science

Mattie Polen, 1st place winner of the 2014 PWMS Science Fair

On Monday, February 10th, Parkwood Middle School students ranging in grades 6 through 8 participated in the Parkwood Middle School Science Fair. Organized by Ms. Jo Ellen Hertel and Mr. Jordan Marmara, the science fair featured everything from projects about the effects of gum chewing to the electrical power of potatoes.

Students were entirely responsible for the formation of and carrying out of their experiments. While many received guidance from their science teachers, the majority of the work was done on their own. Using their ingenuity students designed experiments that tested the effect of microwaves on living things, as well as an experiment designed to answer the question, "Do people really just hear what they want to hear?"

The fair was judged by Parkwood Middle School teachers Ms. Susan Emrich, Ms. Crystal Navey, Ms. Susan Marshall, Ms. Jo Ellen Hertel, and Mr. Jordan Marmara. Guest judges included Mr. Steve Wilson, a former PWMS science teacher, Mr. Mark Moore, a former student teacher at PWMS, and Ms. Lori Peyton, the UCPS curriculum coordinator for science.

In the end every student was called up to receive their certificate of participation in honor of all their hard work. Based on the judges scores, the winners were: 3rd Place: "How Does Microwave Radiation Affect Living Organisms?" (Amy Kidder, 8th Grade), 2nd Place: "Power of the Nuts" (Kaitlyn Laney, 8th Grade & Colton Laney, 6th Grade), 1st Place: "Mold" (Matelyn Polen, 6th Grade).

Teacher, parents, and students who came out left the fair both impressed by the intricacies of the experiments and more educated on the subject of science. It is exciting to think of what we will all learn about at next year's event.

Written by: Nicole Depietro, Drama teacher
Posted: Feb 17, 2014 by Lisa Chapman

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