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Weddington High School Interior Design Class Incorporates Globalization

Interior Design students researching housing information about their country.

 Students in Interior Design completed a Housing Project with a global focus.  The project required students to select a country from around the world. 

Once the country was selected, students identified the demographics of the country.  Students had to research the average household size and average household income for their particular country. 

Descriptions and photographs of the most common types of housing for each particular country were included as well as factors that may influence the housing. 

Students presented the collected information to the class through PowerPoint Presentations. 

Senior Brandon Hooks completed his project on Kenya.  When asked what surprised him the most about his research on Kenya he said, “I was surprised to find that the average income in Kenya is $1700.”  Due to this low income, Brandon said the most common type housing is grass huts. 

Senior Rachel Stanton completed her project on the United Kingdom.  She found the most popular type of housing is the semideatached house. 

Overall, students gained knowledge about various types of housing all over the world

Written by: Anna Waldrup, Media Coordinator
Posted: Feb 17, 2014 by Judy Davis

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