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Sam Ogden, Skater Boy

 Sam Ogden, 13 years old, is an up and coming sponsored Pro/AM skater that began skating when he was 5 years old, and throughout the years has moved up in the ranks of local and national skaters. Sam has won multiple competitions including most recently being named KING OF THE GROMS of the Southeastern Division at KONA Skate Park in Jacksonville FL. As well, Sam spends a few weeks each summer at Camp Woodward in Woodward PA at one of the most amazing Extreme Sport camps in the world. There he gets to skate ramps, such as the Mini Mega Ramp, that most people would be incredibly afraid of. It’s not a big deal to Sam, as he loves the big “vert” ramps…he even has one in his own back yard. He also has been able to skate with many pros such as Tony Hawk, Andy McDonald, and Paul Luc Gagnon.
Sam’s ultimate goal….X Games gold medal.
Sam Ogden’s Sponsors Include: Dekline Footwear, Bones Wheels and Bearings, TMDK Skateboards, Tork Trucks, Soulride Skate Park, Sinister Skate Company, Summer of Bros, Delta Grip Tape

Written by: Karen Barbee
Posted: Feb 19, 2014 by Karen Barbee

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