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Second Grade Homemade Instruments

As a component of their “Sound” unit in Science, Wingate Elementary second grade students were challenged to create their own musical instruments from everyday objects. Students were required to use objects and materials found around their houses and use their imaginations to create innovative instruments. Along with building their instruments and bringing them to school to present, students were assigned to record the materials they used and instructions on how to assemble their instruments.

On presentation day, students performed in front of their second grade classmates and demonstrated how to play their instruments. Students then took turns teaching each other how to change the pitch and volume of their instruments, and explained instructions for creating the instruments. There were many creative ideas that were brought to the table and the grade level was very pleased with the results.

The instruments are on display in the Wingate Elementary Media Center for all students to see.

Written by: Brian Kreppeneck
Posted: Feb 21, 2014 by Carolyn McCarthy

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