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Sun Valley Elementary School Presents 2nd Annual Global Festival

PTO members, parents, and students experienced the world at SVES’s 2nd annual global festival on Friday, February 21.

SVES children, families, and friends traveled around the world Friday, February 21, during the school’s 2nd Annual Global Festival. The event was hosted by the school’s PTO and overseen by Stephanie Tomalis and Jacqueline Nguyen. Admission was free. Donations were accepted, or raffle tickets could be purchased at the door to win prizes from massages to Bojangles chicken. The event was a success as a result of the dedicated time, energy, vision and effort given by the school’s PTO, faculty, staff, and students.

Each classroom was transformed by teachers and their classes into different countries and cultural experiences. Families traveled throughout the school and visited different continents with passports that were stamped at each grade level entrance. Eager to participate, students flooded the hallways ready to navigate global scavenger hunts on the school’s netbooks, participate in karaoke singalongs, or view student made projects displayed throughout the building.

Parent David Frankel said, “I’ve been to Australia and Asia. Australia is where my wife and I had our honeymoon. I was very impressed to relive some of our adventures on Australia by seeing the Great Barrier Reef, seeing the adorable Koala Bears, and seeing the Wombats. My son actually did a Didgeridoo which is an Australian instrument in Australia. It was kind of neat to relive our honeymoon trip and see how much the kids have learned about Australia since it is so far away. It’s great for the kids to have an opportunity to learn about the culture and the environment. Great program.”

Wendy Keelow, second grader Allen Kenan’s grandmother, said, “I think the kids did a lot of fantastic work. Their boards and their dioramas are incredible.”

Food and beverage stations were provided by local vendors in the school’s cafeteria. Pizza was a favorite among many. Cookie pops were also a crowd pleaser. Many of these were snatched up early.

The school’s gym hosted live entertainment throughout the night as many families enjoyed Lien Hoa Shadow Dragon Dancers, Irish bagpipes, Mexican folklore, and hula dancing. Participants could listen to Australian Didgeridoos and Didgeridoo Accessories. Assistant Principal Dwight Thompson said, “It was interesting to learn that these instruments were hollowed out mostly by ants.”

Parent Sonya Banks and 2nd grader Kamri Banks were present in the school’s gym watching the performers. Ms. Banks said, “The Global Festival at Sun Valley Elementary School was awesome. They did a great job. Everything was beautiful.”  Kamri said, “Mrs. Sparks is awesome!”

The school’s media center hosted face paintings, pre-k musical hoops, and a brief introduction to Taekwondo by Master Kristie, her students, and coworkers. Lessons began with students taking their shoes off, learning very basic stances and performing basic blocking techniques. Students from Master Kristie’s Taekwondo school performed with nunchuks and broke snap boards with their feet and hands.

Principal Dr. Terri Cooper said, “We were excited to expose students to cultures from around the world. It is just a wonderful turnout.”

The school is still in the process of trying to determine the exact number of visitors. It is speculated that over 800 attended the event. School security was also addressed as entrance doors were monitored by employees. Two Union County Sheriff Officers were also present throughout the event.

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Feb 23, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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