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A Heart Healthy Third Grade

Our third graders combined Valentine’s Day Hearts and Heart Health to celebrate and learn how to be heart healthy! Because of the snow, we had to postpone our Valentine’s Day/Heart Healthy celebration and spread our events over two days.

On Thursday February 20th, we jumped rope for about 30 minutes and learned that the word cardio means “heart”. Each partnership was given a jump rope and was challenged to jump for as long as possible without stopping.  While one partner jumped the other partner counted the number of jumps.  Most of the students were surprised at how difficult it was to maintain a steady jump for long and how tired they were after jumping.  Students noticed an increase in their heart rate after jumping and they learned how important exercise is for your heart!

After the jump rope activity, the students were treated to heart healthy snacks which included: granola bars, a variety of fruits and vegetables, cheese, whole grain crackers and water.  The students found the healthy alternatives, to the usual junk food served at most celebrations, to be a refreshing and enjoyable change.  After enjoying the healthy snacks, the students exchanged Valentine cards and spent time reading the wishes from classmates.

On Friday February 21st, presenters from the Sport’s Medicine Department at Wingate University taught the students some ways to keep their hearts healthy.  After a short lesson on the anatomy of the heart and how the heart functions, they led the students in some activities and taught them how to calculate their pulse.  The students were amazed at how much their pulse increased after moderate and then more strenuous exercise.  The students used newly mastered multiplication skills to calculate their heart rate after each activity.

The third grade team would like to acknowledge Darin Hinson and Katy Troyer from Wingate University for this outstanding and engaging presentation. GO BULLDOGS!

If you need some advice on how to make your heart healthier, please see one of our third grade students!


3rd Graders checking their pulse

Written by: Angela Hill and Julia Tsitouris, 3rd Grade Teachers
Posted: Feb 24, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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