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First Grade Scientists

 First graders have just completed the Balance and Motion Science unit. Students learned about force, friction, push, pull and balancing. Students worked with magnets to discover the push or a pull action is also called attract and repel. The repelling magnets were a hit! In our force experiment, we rolled cars down a ramp to learn about the amount of force needed to make cars go a greater distance. Students really enjoyed the balancing portion of our unit. They had to discover how to balance a crawfish on their finger. The lesson elevated as the students were required to balance the same crawfish using counterweights (clothes pins). They placed the counterweights in many positions to keep the crawfish balanced. The highlight of the balancing was the “The Magical Balancing Pencil.” Here’s how that works: Students had a Popsicle stick taped to the side of his or her desk. Using only a pencil, wire, and counterweight, students were asked to balance the lead point of the pencil on the very end of the Popsicle stick. After much trial and error all students were successful! It was one cool lesson of learning all about balancing. You might want to ask a first grader to help you try this “trick” at home!

Written by: Lisa Jarman, first grade teacher
Posted: Mar 01, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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